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Is rotella t6 good oil

is rotella t6 good oil Nov 04 2011 I checked the oil a few days ago and saw it was low I read here that the Rotella T6 5W40 was a good synthetic oil to use so I bought some and topped up the oil. . Also has been great in my ATV. When Rotella T6 was revised for the API specification for use in spark ignition engines its Zinc levels were effectively reduced. Oct 29 2019 Rotella is not the best possible oil for a motorcycle. 0 x 9. All Rotella T4 products have the same amount of zinc phosphorous. Sep 15 2015 The regular plus 5O is not synthetic I don 39 t think and is 15 40. 92 a gallon plus your taxes On Amazon Prime free ship On Walmart. What I ended up doingrunning Rotella T6. The T6 will have the edge of course but nothing beats oil change intervals so if the price of T6 keeps you from changing the oil as often than regular old rotella is still a great choice. com. I do believe the Amzoil was a little quieter but I 39 m not paying their price. So there can be slight differences as you say. O 39 Reilly Auto Parts carries Rotella T6 products. I use it because it is good enough and is usually much cheaper than quot real quot moto oil. Extended Drain Capable. Shell ROTELLA T6 Multi Vehicle 5W 30 is suitable for use in all on or off highway engines requiring an API CK 4 CJ 4 CI 4 Plus CI 4 or CH 4 diesel oil and gasoline engines requiring an API SN quality oil in this viscosity grade. The higher the viscosity rate the more efficient the motor oil is. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 69 improvement The cold pour point of an engine oil is measured by freezing the oil in a lab test. You may cancel Subscribe amp Save anytime after your order ships. 5 gal Shell Rotella T6 5W 40 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil features an advanced multi functional low ash additive technology May 03 2010 Switched to the JD 0x40 oil in a 5 gallon bucket. com has 1 Gallon Shell Rotella T6 5W 40 Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil 550045347 on sale for 19. The full synthetic is Rotella T6 5W 40 suitable for both low temperatures and high temperatures. Frankly I dont know how oil gets through the oil lines even when at 75f. I ran the oil for 4k miles. These two grades meet the JASO MA specifications and are safe for wet clutches. 68 554. This motor oil also features higher viscosity index improvers. Before it idled real rough. Apr 14 2010 I use Rotella 15w40 in my VTX 1800. 6 slightly higher than AMSOIL. Aug 16 2011 Rotella T6 is a good oil. Rotella T6 is noted to have less drag because of its thinner oil. Aug 23 2013 A friend of mine has recommended that I use Rotella T6 which is a Diesel engine oil in the Golf R. At no point is the Rotella quot too thin quot . Rotella T6 works just fine. 68 61 . For the 15W 40 Diesel and Marine Oil the TBN is 12. Been using Rotella T6 for 80 000 miles across 4 different bikes RC51 Monster S2R1000 Streetfighter S and now S1000R. Sep 03 2020 Hi Joey Rotella T4 15W 40 is a conventional base oil Rotella T5 15W 40 is a synthetic blend part synthetic base oil . Use impervious gloves with used oil. Rotella T6 5W40 Motor Oil 2. A couple years back I did a lot of research into the VTXOA archive discussions about oil to see what the most recommended oil was and why. Feb 01 2020 I contacted shell penzoil a while back the they stated there was approx 1150 1200ppm zddp in rotella std dino 15w 40 amp approx 1300ppm zddp in Rotella T6 syn 5w 40 syn oil. Rotella T6 has passed the test because of its ability to improve the fuel conservation by at least two percentage. Hey guys My 2011 WRX finally came on Saturday LOVE IT. Shell Rotella T6 Benefit Shell Rotella T6 is protecting 3 critical aspects in your engine such as protecting your engine under any driving conditions like in steep muddy dusty or cold environment. 200K on the dot on the odo. It provides amazing wet clutch shifting. 85 554 . The regular 15W 40 Dino rotella is JASO MA and the T6 5W 40 is JASO MA. As Tig1 stated stick with the recommended 30 weight. We are recommending any good quality 5W 40 weight oil in the Ram at this point in time. It would start up but it sure was not pretty. Through the use of Shell s most advanced technology Shell Rotella T6 5W 40 synthetic heavy duty engine oil offers enhanced fuel economy capability of 1. I have used Rotella Synthetic T6 5W 40 for years in a Shadow and now a Gold Wing with good results. I most likely won 39 t get an oil analysis but I found one of Rotella T6 in a guys E46 330i. Fuel Economy nbsp Use of selected low viscosity synthetic base oils further energizes the oil 39 s protective capability that promotes fuel economy performance with no compromise in nbsp Use coupon code CURBSIDE15 for 15 off your orders of 75 . Shell ROTELLA T6 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil SAE 5W40 CJ 4 Shell ROTELLA T6 can help improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Same engine as mine but he had 161k miles on it and changed the Rotella T6 at 5500 miles. Feb 16 2018 I did an oil change today put Rotella T4 15W40 Out of T5 and T6 which is a conventional oil. The most common of these are Shell Rotella T Mobil Delvac and Chevron Delo 400. He recommended this above the Amsoil European blend. 3 excursion DP Tuning 6637 filter gauges 4 quot mbrp V B code springs hellwig sway bar wicked wheel Rotella T6 is a very popular performance Subaru oil great for the rigors of performance driving. You will not wear out an engine at early mileage if you use it. Great Oil for my 2002 Ford Super Duty with the 7. A lot of guys used Rotella oils before the T6 was introduced with mixed results. If it weren 39 t for the 502 spec oil requirement in VW 39 s I would be running Rotella T6 in a heartbeat. My idea is to blend T4 and T6 50 50 to get a 10w40 that is really Jul 01 2019 I am on my second oil change with this stuff. Delvac is also a good Duramax oil and is mentioned by several people at the USA Duramax plant who assemble dmax nbsp Shell Rotella T6 0W 40 Heavy Duty Synthetic Motor Oil 5 Litre Jug This helps keep the oil free flowing for good startup and continued energy efficiency. Hi I 39 m a new member but I do have some experience with this topic. Which oil of all the Synthetic Oils there are is best. Subjective evaluation only. May 17 2019 Amazon. Truck may have a small oil leak or two but rarely drips a drop on pavement. I use the t6 in all my cars. This is with over 300whp. Suitable for mobile vehicles operating with 100 percent LNG CNG fuel approved for use in Cummins LNG CNG engines. So I just recently switched from using the valvoline atv oil to the shell t5 semi synthetic blend in my 660. I use Rotella T6 in my 2013 and have for the last 32k miles with good results engine still runs . The t6 is synthetic and is 5 40. Synthetic or Dino May 17 2012 I know Rotella is a good oil I know nothing about the Sea Doo oil except that there are better oils out there that cost half as much and are more redily available. specs for oil and that its not what brand oil is used but how often it is changed. For you guys that use Rotella T6 what weight do you use My local walmart only sells 5w 40 and 15w 40. Page 1 of 2 Rotella T6 5W 40 CK 4 v 1. New Rotella T6 oil. 69 cold pour point advantage over Shell Rotella T6 Dec 29 2010 I heard too much good about shell rotella t6 synthetic so im gonna give it a try i went to walmart and got about 5quarts of it for 27 tax included Im switching my oil from mobil 1 syn 10w 30 to Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic 5w 40 for winter time heard this oil is awesome and i read alot about how tough it is especially for turbos and heat May 23 2015 Hydrodynamic lubrication might suffer. Paw Paw Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W40 Diesel Engine Oil 1Gallon Single Pack Size 1 Gallon Style New Packaging Shell ROTELLA T6 Full Engineered Hard core Motor Oil with Triple Security In addition to innovation has been upgraded with completely manufactured base oil in addition to cutting edge added substance innovation to give assurance against wear stores and oil breakdown In addition to Shell ROTELLA T6 15W 40 is unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application and good standards of personal hygiene are maintained. I have used this oil in alot of my vehicles in the past with really good luck with it. Rotella T6 is a strong oil in diesel applications for sure but I would keep an eye on things very close to see if it is right for your motor. This is the only oil that walley world had in that weight. The Deere oil is very good and I would have no hesitation using it in anything but if they are the same price I think the t6 is a better oil. Oct 29 2013 T6 is not a diesel quot only quot motor oil. I think the Delvac had it running shifting better. Rotella was not a JASO MA oil in the past T6 is. Don 39 t mistake Rotella T 15w40 with Rotella T6 5w40 . Yes Rotella is a good oil THOUGH AMSOIL Diesel oils are recommended 3X the OEM oil drain interval you won 39 t get that out of Rotella or any other brand. 97. 3 owners. So I have understood from the other thread that it is not desired for use in our boats. Noticeable difference. I use the Bel Ray 10 40 ATV Trail oil recommended by the Honda Shop here and it work 39 s good. 5 that can save money in fuel consumption without compromising engine protection or durability. All other changes it 39 s been motorcraft 15W40 oil. Feb 13 2013 Many people run the Rotella T6 5W 40 in their TDIs although it 39 s not officially spec 39 ed for the PD engine in your car. 2017. Sent off a sample from a new bottle of Rotella T6 5w 40 synthetic last week. Rotella T synthetic low ash oil here sells for around 27 gal at Tractor Supply Amsoils low ash 5w 40 amp 15w 40 are about the same price or under. its more important that proof can be shown in the event warranty work is in question Some people use Rotella T6 oil in their bikes exclusively not just as something to flush the engine. I have a question about the oil. Shell ROTELLA T6 5W 40 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil with Triple in my SUV is just one more thing NOT to worry about quot THAT 39 s A GOOD THING quot nbsp 15 Oct 2015 I 39 ve always ran Rotella t6 15w 40 oil in it. 4. IMG_0353. Inquiring minds need to know. 05 when you 39 clip 39 the 10 off coupon and check out via Subscribe amp Save. I just wanted to double check and see if the Shell Rotella T6 full synthetic is okay to use in my Shadow. Greg . But while under warranty I will use VW approved 502. 1. I live in Nor Cal it gets hot and have been thinking maybe using it for summer time only and switching to Platinum or EDGE for winter. T was a blend as is T4 but T6 is a full synthetic. 8 Dec 2014 Rotella T6 ranked 114 5W40 SHELL ROTELLA T6 Diesel Oil synthetic at 67 804 psi Interestingly enough Castrol Syntec 0w30 aka quot German nbsp Shell ROTELLA T6 Full Synthetic heavy duty engine oil with Triple Protection Plus technology is our hardest working engine oil yet. I am new to the site. the shifting was very clunky I thought that it was just the I switched from the 10W30 synthetic blend Ford oil to Rotella T6 5W40 on my second oil change as well. May 11 2012 Shell Rotella T6 5W 40 I 39 m not installing an oil cooler and 25K miles am thinking of switching over to it. Item Name nbsp 1 May 2019 I am currently using the T4 15w 40 and it is great T6 synthetic should be FWIW had I been using Rotella or a non Ester based 2T oil both nbsp A truly great oiling experience 7. PS. 7L diesel. I like the price but want to make sure Im not going to destroy my bike. I 39 ve used T6 before and the starts are good but shifts are quite notchy. that from the drain lookin good but these arent always accurate if the oil isnt pulled as nbsp 21 Jun 2016 C63 AMG W204 Shell Rotella T6 Thinking of running Shell Rotella T6 5w40. 76 15. Rotella T6 is a Non Energy Conserving Oil and does not meet GF 5 Oil specifications. But who knows with a good 5w40 oil may have Mar 07 2013 The T6 5 40 wt Rotella full synthetic in the Blue one gallon container is JASO MA approved for motorcycles and it works fine. I was advised by a representative from Dyno Comp that Rotella T6 is not good because it has additives in it that can clog oil filtersI have read so many good things about Rotella T6 on the forums and now I 39 m confused. Nov 22 2019 Q Is Synthetic Rotella T6 Oil still JASO MA rated safe for motorcycles Yes it is Rotella T6 is a FANTASTIC oil Certainly one of the every best if not the best. The Shell Rotella Team quot quot You can use our Rotella T4 15W 40 engine oil or Rotella T6 5W 40 synthetic good for high and low temperatures . it is hands down the best you could buy for the nbsp 18 Jul 2014 001 Shell Rotella T6 Pour low rez II Good engine oil is critical to ensuring a long and happy life for your truck engine. In theory you should only use an oil that conforms to VW spec 505. I ran it in my former XR250R. I just picked up a gallon of T6 at Walmart. I was even recommended by an Amsoil dealer to try the Amsoil HDD 5w30 in my car because it suited what I was looking for best. Amazon has 1 Gallon Shell Rotella T6 5W 40 Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil for 16. No shearing which is great. T6 5W40 is great oil. It is a good oil. I plan on continuing to use it as I have only heard good things on this oil. Rotella T5 10W 30 synthetic blend or Rotella T6 5W 40 full synthetic both contain just over 1200 ppm zinc and are recommended for this application. 12 Sep 2011 Below is my oil analysis with Shell Rotella T6 on e85. When I did an oil nbsp After the oil change with the Rotella T6 the CCT clatter is non existent My bike has now 50K miles with the original CCT Honda makes some good parts. deff noticed it start much better in the winter and seems to run smoother as well. 3 . Of these Shell however has the highest parafin content which is not a good thing. It was called Moly Lube or somthing in 5 qt. Aug 16 2015 15w40 T5 or 5w40 T6 I am currently running the T6 with a Wix 51356 oil filter. Apparenly many folks are using this oil in their 2. Click an item or category to get the Rotella T6 products you need to do the job right Formula Shell FormulaShell R MOTOR OIL is a motor oil formulated for improved fuel economy and to provide the engine protection and performance required by engine manufacturers. I 39 m satisfied. Specifications Approvals amp Recommendations Apr 14 2010 I use Rotella 15w40 in my VTX 1800. I used to use rotella T6 in a lot of other vehicles and loved it. It 39 s a protection oil developed for the HD transport tractor engine market with an industry leading reputation. Jump to Latest Follow Hopefully the T6 will be as good or better. You can 39 t go wrong with either one. It 39 s constantly mentioned as being a great oil for our engines on this forum and NASIOC. I know that CK4 and the rest of the C4 stuff is a problem for us 7. 0T motors and sending samples to be analyzed. My first oil change I used Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10w40 should I change or is this a good oil for my Aero 750. But I was under the impression that the fully synthetic blend wasn 39 t good for our wet clutches. Apparently Rotella T4 15w40 no longer comes with a SN or SM designation which I understand is necessary to have for use in gas motors. Car has got on it close to 350 000 kms now Thought I 39 d give it a try despite the lack of BMW LL01 on it. a good Dino oil vs Apr 14 2011 Last oil change I used what I thought was the same great Rotella T6 5W 40 but in a newly designed container. Oct 23 2013 I will be sending my 10k Rotella T6 topped off with TDT sample to BL shortly with a follow up T6 only test 5k. I 39 ve considered using it in my M5 my 2003 is supposed to use the 0w30 or whatever instead of 10w60. Bottom line it 39 s a cummins diesel. Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W 40 Diesel Engine Oil 1 Gallon Case of 3 47. I run T6 and have had nothing but great experiences with it. I think that this one of the best oils on the market for trucks like mine as well as all of nbsp 29 Mar 2018 Frankly that price is silly for a quart of conventional oil. It 39 s just my opinion but you should definitely run the Ford Motorcraft 15W 40. Go to the search button at the top of this page and type in some key words like 39 what oil 39 39 rotella 39 etc. Being with low maintenance trait this oil will not give you headache of giving your engine the nbsp Shell Rotella T6 Mechanical Maintenance Break in Oil amp Fluids Servicing Shell Rotella T6 It 39 s fully synthetic and I have heard nothing but good stuff and nbsp 28 May 2017 I have a 335d which I use Rotella T6 and would like to use the same in this is very good oil. Extended nbsp 18 Feb 2016 What oil do you use and what was your experience Anything that I missed UPDATE Looks like the Rotella T6 spec sheet states it is now JASO MA2 certified Rotella T6 Motorcycle Oil The Good The Bad The Ugly. 00. Avoid contact with skin. Pros Price readily available and it works. Some of that might be negative response in this thread. I get it all at oreillys auto parts with Veteran discount. Both run flawless. Great for wet clutch on my bike and quieted down the downshifting into 1st gear. Mine is a 1998 Response wit Oct 29 2013 Oil Analysis BRM Shell Rotella T6 The T6 oil is pretty inexpensive for the quality of oil it is. As one forum member said There is a reason why Rotella T6 5W 40 is always sold out in stores . When I say quot like quot I mean it 39 s not as cold natured. Shell Rotella is a good oil but there is a reason your dealer is telling you not to run it. I change every 5 6K. Whats people lookup in this blog Rotella T6 15w40 Motorcycle Rotella T 15w40 Motorcycle Product Title Shell Rotella T6 5W 40 Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil 1 gal 3 pack Average Rating 4. 2007 F350 crewcab Lariat shortbox Diesel 4X4 Retrax Roll Top Cover Newer tailgate with camera and step Airaid Intake Magnaflow exhaust Cortex tuner on mileage setting Edge Insight CTS Monitor Upfitter Switch Kit Sinister Diesel Coolant Filter. It might be better for summer time heat but likely not necessary in most applications. I have used all major brands of oil and all major types. But as is often the case nbsp 8 Jun 2016 10 30 and 10 40 is fine. Jun 30 2020 T4 is 15w40 quot conventional quot and T6 is 5w40 synthetic. The man I bought it from said he recently changed the oil using Rotella T6 5w 40 Synthetic. Does Got a 1993 w250 with 122000. 13. And if it s good enough for that it s good enough for me. 28 Oct 2010 Close second was the T6. It 39 s all on the bottle API SM SL compliance . It features an advanced multi functional additive technology in full synthetic base oil. Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil Shell Rotella T6 series is composed entirely of synthetic base oils which results in highly responsive protection. Feb 13 2011 Rotella T6 not good for WRX 39 s Service amp Maintenance. The difference in engine oil between Mobil Shell and others is all going to be pretty close and you are not really going to see any difference in wear with using any of the reputable brands. One nice factor is that it doesn 39 t have the quot friction modifiers quot some fuel saving oils do and is compatable with wet clutches that bikes and some ATVs use. Left napa for 69. The Quaker State Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic Motor Oil products contain less that 1000 ppm zinc. Viscosity looks very strong. 01 as it 39 s designed to protect the not too robust camshaft in this model but many people have had good results with the T6 or Mobil 1 quot Truck amp SUV quot Turbo Diesel Truck oil again 5W 40 . TBN numbers for Rotella is 10. It 39 s less expensive than other top motorcycle oils. Oil analysis shows excellent life left even at the 15k change interval. You 39 re good to go Of course always check oil levels at every fill up better safe than sorry. When I switched the JD oil was 100 or 20 a gallon. I use the Rotella 5w40 t6 in my Honda 1300 VTX and my Polaris 400 HO. If Suzuki synthetic is the same price somewhere I would use that no question. Can 39 t even imagine how it will be after the break in period. Last edited nbsp Package L x W x H 12. Anyways I have been reading up on the 39 best 39 oil and have been referred by a good amount of Subaru buddies and majority rules seems to use Rotel Feb 15 2020 For those who do you own oil change on your Ram Cummins 6. Used oil analysis suggest normal to below normal parts wear and superior oil condition after nbsp 6 Oct 2017 Shell ROTELLA T6 Multi Vehicle 5W 30 oil is part of the portfolio of engine oils meeting API CK 4 performance standards. I just bought my first Honda Shadow. Description Hard working protection enhanced with fully synthetic base oil plus advanced additive technology meeting API CK 4 requirements. A good example is the quot what snowmobile do you recommend quot thread someone started. It 39 s worked well for me and I tried mobil 1 4T 10w 40 in my 1500 wing and it didn 39 t like the oil I had amsoil 4T 10w 40 in my 1200 wing at the same time and it didn 39 t likethat stuff either so I went back with Castrol 4t 10w 40. I started using the JD oil since it is a bit better but cheaper. bottles at a discounted price. The engine is running smoother and quieter. Oct 13 2016 Considering the Polaris engine isn 39 t like a Honda with the wet clutch 39 s a good 5w40 50 full synthetic would be just as good as the high dollar Polaris oil. Nov 24 2018 This time I have decided to go with Shell Rotella T6 heavy duty diesel oil. Op The 15w 40 is the T5 conventional good oil the T6 is May 30 2019 Just change my oil at 2 300 miles. I could change my oil every 30 hour 39 s using Rotella Castrol and Wix filter for just about the same price as one 50 hour service with Polaris oil and filter. I 39 ve towed my 5th wheel RV in some pretty hot weather with no problems. Got another 1 2 MPG. The bikes don 39 t burn oil start every time and usually get 50 mpg each tank of gas. Including Kubota 15w40 which I use in the 2003 F250 pickup 7. Ive heard a lot of different ideas about using Rotella T 15w40 oil. Nov 30 2007 Shell Rotella T which is a conventional mineral based oil that was originally formulated for diesel engines. Because of the heavier viscosity specified by Polaris and extreme heat these Turbo engines make I choose to spend a little extra on her and put Schaeffer 39 s Supreme 9000 Full Synthetic Racing Oil 5W 50 in the Turbo XP. Good zinc content of 1257ppm and was in line with some used analyses I 39 ve seen. I have not had any analyzed yet. 5 gal Product Description This Rotella Motor Oil T65W40 is the ideal choice to use in your car or truck to keep your engine running strong and long. The T6 40 weight is thicker to start and doesn 39 t break down like the Mobil 1. Just wondering if anyone is using either the T6 5w 40 full synth or the 15w 40 dino oil. Oct 22 2018 For those of you who use rotella are you using only the T6 full syntehtic regardless of the oil weight your motor is spec d for No I use Rotella dino oil 15W40 in all of my bikes both engine and transmissions. According the engineers at quaker state Rotella T6 is the best synthetic oil you can buy off the shelf at the local store. I use Rotella T6 in everything bikes trucks cars xp900 atvs except for my Turbo rzr. I read and studied everything online I could find. Before the T6 I liked Rotella a lot. 2018 RAM 4500 Chassis Tradesman Crew Cab 60 C A 4WD 6. Seems to run well enough but after a long ride I seem to here a lite ticking sound. I just bought a 2008 450 XCR W and wondering if this is a safe oil to use. Nothing short of better than average results are documented around the internet. While it is the most expensive product on our list it is also the most valuable one promising to improve your fuel economy by 1. It has been enhanced nbsp 24 Mar 2017 Plus this oil is good for use in new and older vehicles without any modifications. From the few popular Subaru forums they seem to have a consensus that the Mobil1 is too thin and gets past the turbo seals and gets burned off as a result. 85 Feb 28 2015 Rotella t6 is not the best oil out there and I would never use it in a gas vehicle. It worked great on my buddies Rincon smoothing out the shifting quite a bit. The Rotella 15 40 has better shear properties than the T6 from most reports I have read but the T6 has the better additive package and being a 40 weight HDEO oil it is not energy conserving. Better Fuel Economy. To combat this Shell 39 s Rotella ELC Correction Fluid nbsp I do have a 04 ACCERT C15 which really likes Rotella T5 15w40 really good fuel mileage truck has 1. My manual says not to use energy saving. Find a store near me. Shell ROTELLA T6 15W 40. com meet minimum free ship or store I am always looking for good deals on stuff I use. Shell Rotella T6 is good stuff. search. Log In. Service amp Maintenance. A truly great oiling experience 7. It does carry the JASO MA2 wet clutch motorcycle oil rating as well. The E36 M3 crowd uses a lot of T6 I know that my car went from using a significant amount of Castrol to using almost zero Rotella between oil changes. Switched to T6 last year and have been very very happy with it in both truck and bike. 9 out of 5 stars 175 ratings based on 175 reviews Current Price 61. It 39 s a Diesel engine oil really good oil. I read good commentary about Rotella T6 Synthetic and because of the relatively low price I investigated further and was so impressed with the oil and by all the user comments on other sites as well that I tried it. Protection in extreme climates Shell ROTELLA T6 Synthetic heavy duty engine oil provides improved low temperature flow compared to a conventional SAE 15W 40. I run T6 5w 40 in mine year round. I can 39 t tell u if it makes any difference because I haven 39 t rode my quad much since the last oil change. I don 39 t see how anyone can claim that one brand or another is the quot best oil around quot . 15w40 T6 formula is newer and is available in USA at most any wallymart store. Hello the 2. Shell Rotella T6 Multi Vehicle Full Synthetic engine oil performs extremely well in diesel and gasoline engines meeting both API CK 4 and API SN standards and allowing mixed fleets to consolidate lubricants. T6 is a better oil. Sub Brand Shell Rotella T6. 5 compared to a conventional 15W 40 Extended drain capacity Excellent cold start capability nbsp 17 Oct 2017 The chances of a machine 39 s or truck 39 s coolant being diluted or contaminated are pretty good. The Rotella engine oil has advanced multi functional dispersant additives that provide protection against the effects of soot dirt and other contaminants. Shell ROTELLA T6 Synthetic oil resists viscosity loss through shear and will maintain optimal oil pressure in the engine. Oil can be nbsp only guy on the planet to have a not great experience with Rotella T. Drove all day and no typewriter tick. This Shell Rotella T6 5w 40 Synthetic engine oil is both a quality product and very affordable for 4 stroke motorcycles which use 10w 40 conventional engine oil. I told him I use Shell Rotella T6 synthetic and he said the old formulation was a good oil but the new formulation that is Switched to Rotella for a year fine in the truck but not as good in the bike. The heavier oil is especially helpful in the turbo 39 d engines. An advanced multi functional formula allows this oil to adapt to extreme driving conditions to service your vehicles in all situations. Wanting to switch to Rotella Oil in my RZR. Apr 05 2010 T6 is no different than the original rotella syn oil that oil opinions vary greatly but a constant is that rotella 5w40 syn is always a great choice you should follow manfac. Rotella 87 cst 40 degrees C 14. Sep 17 2011 Rotella T6 5w 40 in winter 39 11 WRX. Using Mobil 1 0w 40 is not going to harm the engine until then. This cuts down on attempting to remember what oil goes with what machine. Shell Rotella T6 is unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application and good standards of personal hygiene are maintained. 7L Cummins Shell Rotella T6 is a good synthetic. It is an HDEO motor oil. 2 cst 100 degrees C Mobil 1 86 cst 40 degrees C 13. I 39 ve used it in my 03 and 08 diesels without any issues. The manufacture date was January 27 2012 and it 39 s CJ 4 SM rated diesel gas . Shell Rotella T6 Multi Vehicle Full Synthetic Diesel Oil. Yes I used only Amzoil 10 40 bike oil but the price went too high. 00 per gallon. I just changed my oil at the 1000km mark with rotella T6 and a K amp N oil filter I noticed a difference in the bikes preformance after feels like it hooks up better now and starts nice in the extreme cold 28 C and it turned over the same as always my bike is a 2017 rubicon. I notice on the bottle it says for diesel engines. Product Description Shell Rotella T6 5W 40 Diesel Engine Oil is a full synthetic motor oil that features exclusive Triple Protection Plus technology formulated with fully synthetic base oils plus advanced additives to protect against wear deposits and oil breakdown PLUS better low temperature flow and increased fuel economy performance without compromising durability compared to 21 Mar 2018 Shell ROTELLA T6 5W40 Latest Price amp More Info Here The T6 5W 40 grade engine oil is of the synthetic variety that has low ash additive allowing for a clean engine operation. Shell Rotella T6 5W 40 Diesel Engine Oil is a full synthetic motor oil that features exclusive Triple Protection Plus technology formulated with fully synthetic base oils plus advanced additives to protect against wear deposits and oil breakdown PLUS better low temperature flow and increased fuel economy performance without compromising durability compared to Feb 06 2019 New Formulation Rotella T6 ZDDP Content Does anyone know the zinc content of the new Rotella T6 5w40 oil I tried searching but nothing came up with the new formula. They are not suitable for use in an engine where a minimum of 1200 ppm zinc is required. I 39 ve been using T4 for a while without any problems except hard starting at lower ambient temps. It 39 s a different animal altogether. Note Coupons are typically limited to one per account. I am sure a lot of the situation people have about using conventional vs. Rotella T6 Motor Oil 15W 40 Diesel Oil Diesel Oils Automotive Oil 10W 30 Motor Oil 15W Dec 08 2014 About a year ago or so when I was reading about oils I noticed a couple of oil brands sporting titanium as anti wear additive in lieu of ZZDP. Don 39 t know whether oil additive is a good thing or bad thing but wouldn 39 t switching to Rotella T6 instead of the regular Rotella give you the same result for the same price and then you KNOW it 39 s JASO MA rated and there would be no chance of it messing up your clutches Just a thought. Good luck and keep us posted Shell Rotella T5 NG is synthetic technology gas engine oil specially formulated to provide hard working protection under a full range of pressures and temperatures in natural gas engines. Engine immediately had a different sound. It is likely the largest advance in engine oil in quite some time nbsp Runs great in my 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI turbo diesel engine. Brand Name Shell Lubricants. 13 qt and a motorcraft filter. To see local inventory. Feb 09 2018 I show and explain why rotella is the best and cheapest oil for drifting or abuse on stock midly modified jz 39 s. I use Rotella T6 in everything I own diesel tractor and pickup gas cars motorcycles ATVs and now the RZR. 22 Apr 2011 Higher HTHS viscosity simply means higher oil film strength. Rotella t6 oil cheaper easier to come by has a gallon bottle cheap at walmart Castrol Syntech quot Edge quot 0w30 Euro formula only found it at Autozone Oreilly 39 s and the cheapest was 8. Both Rotella T6 5W 40 and AMSOIL CJ4 oils offer low ash formulation. I was getting M1 TDT for less than T6 for quite a while with the rebate 12 back on 5 qts but M1 has increased in price and did not have the rebate when it was time to stock up again so its back to Rotella. I have no clue what was in there before. 3. Synthetic oils will better resist coking carbon build up at the turbine shaft bearing so The Rotella T6 5W 40 Synthetic is a better choice. After skin contact wash immediately with soap and water. If I was living in a nbsp Works great in my motorcycle I have been using this oil in my 1998 Honda F6 Valkyrie Tourer for 6 years now and have had nbsp Runs great in my 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI turbo diesel engine. 200. 97 7 Rebate 12. I use it in everything. Many oil quot tribologists quot hang out there. I ll be using it on my first oil change as it gets good reviews from guys running 200 plus HP 4 stroke racing bikes as well Rotella is available blended from both full synthetic and conventional mineral oil base stocks. see details. Zero MPG improvement. I use in my Honda 250L and it works fine. Been using Mobil Delvac MX CI 4 but its kind of a pain to get. 5W40 SHELL ROTELLA T6 Diesel Oil synthetic API CJ 4 CI 4 Plus CI 4 CH 4 SM SL 67 804 psi zinc TBD phos TBD moly TBD This testing indicates the new synthetic Rotella diesel oil is not as good as the old conventional Rotella diesel oil and the best reasonably priced diesel oil is the Mobil One turbo diesel truck synthetic oil I bought Shell Rotella oil T6 5w 40 for my first oil change. Oil consumption may be reduced but lack of oil in all those tight little areas may be more of an issue. Product Description . I 39 ve probably got 170 000 miles on 2 Yamaha Road Star 1600s and have used that Rotella T6 15w 40 all the time. Jan 24 2006 Rotella is the correct TYPE of oil for diesel engines with extra detergents to disperse the diesel soot. Buy online then drive thru for convenient pick up service. For AMSOIL CJ4 5W 40 and CJ4 15W 40 the TBN values are 10. These types of oil are called UNIVERSAL oil. Used oil analysis suggest normal to below normal parts wear and superior oil condition after nbsp This oil is great. Which provides very good protection lubrication. Read also Shell Rotella T vs T4. I feel good knowing it 39 s not hurting the Synthetic oil. com Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic engine oil provides protection that can save money with enhanced fuel economy capability without compromising engine protection or durability. There is more than 1 good one I suspect. T6 is built for the newest low emission diesel turbo engines and it also carries the latest SM rating for gasoline engines. yes its a diesel oil but so is the Liqui Moly says on it for quot both gasoline and diesel engines quot Noticed two things engine smoothness seemed to improve. Lab certification is huge. 3 thinking I should not be using the new T6 after reading everybody saying it was bad for 7. 0 x 4. Shell was 25 a gallon. 10 l at the parts store Crazy A 1 gallon jug of Maxima 10W 40 goes for 28 nbsp Get your Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic Diesel 5W40 Motor Oil 550045347 at Blain 39 s Farm amp Fleet. Good news You can still get free 2 day shipping free pickup amp more. Sep 06 2012 I was at the TDI fest over Labor Day weekend and one of the venders there was selling oil. Will Rotella T6 5w40 synthetic be ok to start using Is it likely to start leaking worse It would be alot more conveniant to Dec 07 2019 A good example is a set of dual HPOPs that will dramatically increase the oil shearing going on in an engine in fact in my experience I was lucky to get 2 2. when I got the mighty ST 1300 I did the first two oil changes with rotella t6 5w 40. They are not exclusively Diesel engine oils. 6L diesel. Yet I have read that RT6 oil analysis has shown low levels of Moly. I run this oil in a 1994 Ninja ZX6E 2012 KLX250S. I used 5w30 yes I know our engines called for 5w20 and my engined ate right under a quart of oil. Jul 16 2020 Rotella T6 amp quot diesel amp quot oil oil analysis. There is a 5 gallon rebate on the T6 right now too Jul 30 2020 Last on our list of products is the Rotella T6 5W 40 the best all around Powerstroke oil. Great nbsp Shell Rotella T6 synthetic heavy duty diesel engine oil features quot Low Saps quot additive technology for increased compatibility with the latest exhaust emissions nbsp Rotella T6 Multi Vehicle 5W30. So our suitable product would be Pennzoil Platinum Euro L SAE 5W 30 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil. This increases wear. Good stuff bike runs cool. Rotella T6 5W40 Viscosity at 100 C is 14. See full list on myengineneeds. 5W40 SHELL ROTELLA T6 Diesel Oil synthetic API CJ 4 CI 4 Plus CI 4 CH 4 SM SL 67 804 psi zinc TBD phos TBD Dec 31 2010 If an oil has an SH or SM rating does it meet the SF SG specification. I dont agree Polaris Oil is somebodys oil put in a bottle with Polaris name on it Polaris does not In case you are using gasoline it only good for those vehicles that launched between 2002 and 2009. Specifically I want to use Rotella T6 which has an API rating of SM SL SJ and SH . AMSOIL 5W 40 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil offers an 8. The temperature where the oil stops flowing is considered its cold pour point. Diesel formulations are usually just good oils all around. The JASO MA M2 certs cost money to perform and Shell steps up and does it. It is on Wal Marts shelf nbsp 16 Jun 2019 If you have a diesel engine and haul heavy loads you 39 ll need a good diesel oil most Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil 5W 40 CJ 4. 2 million miles no overhaul yet. Rotella T6 meets the requirements of the 6. Shipping is free w Prime or on orders 25 . Rated for gasoline nbsp 18 Oct 2010 I thought it started good before but nothing like this I just thought I 39 d let you guys know my experience with the Rotella T6. If you want a thicker 30 weight try GC 0w 30 M1HM 5w 30 or QS defy 5w 30. If it 39 s a diesel rated oil you 39 ll be just fine. This may sound completely crazy but in this video I will explain why this actually could be a good idea One thing I Apr 19 2019 MANY motorcycle shops stock and use the Rotella T6. I change my oil every 3000 miles or so. I looked it up and it says it 39 s an energy saving oil. Rotella T6 is a very good engine oil it is not a good choice for you particular application. 3 Powerstrokes. Rotella always caught a lot of flak mainly because it has picture of diesel trucks and shit on the bottle. Jul 30 2020 Last on our list of products is the Rotella T6 5W 40 the best all around Powerstroke oil. Admitted I don 39 t pay enough attention to specs on jugs. That worked well for years in my ALH engines. I have already purchased Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil features an advanced multifunctional low ash additive technology in a synthetic base oil. Fuel economy savings up to 1. This includes Shell nbsp Shell Rotella T6 Energized Protection oil features Shell exclusive quot Low SAPS quot additive technology reinforced with Rotella T6 oil offers enhanced fuel economy capability that and good standards of personal hygiene are maintained. 5K miles out of a batch of Rotella. Get on the BITOG web site. You can change the oil every nbsp The Shell Rotella T6 is a low viscosity oil that gives your car a nbsp 4 Dec 2014 I have used Rotella T6 full synthetic in my 540 with great results. I replaced Rotella Synthetic T6 with Delo 400 LE Synthetic in my 7. Amsoil may be great oil but you don 39 t need to pay that much for oil. The first is a dino and the second is a synthetic. Auto Value. My Local dealer said only use Polaris oil said it was the best. 04 The owners manual states shell rotella 15w 40 for warmer climates can 39 t remember if it 39 s 32 degrees and up or 0 degrees and up and t6 5w 40 for below that I would have to go look it up again. Product Description Shell Rotella T6 5W 40 Diesel Engine Oil is a full synthetic motor oil that features exclusive Triple Protection Plus technology formulated with fully synthetic base oils plus advanced additives to protect against wear deposits and oil breakdown PLUS better low temperature flow and increased fuel economy performance without compromising durability compared to Sep 22 2011 An extra six bucks for a filter and the 28 I spend for conventional Rotella gives me TWO complete changes and no matter how good synthetic oil is claimed to be I will stick with conventional oil. I feel it 39 s the best oil I can put in my diesel engine. I run T6 in my car also its a modded subaru wrx and rotella t6 39 s excellent shear strength over 3. 5 is good for high heat and turbo applications. The additive package in Mobil 1 0W40 is excellent too but Rotella T6 is a diesel oil and better at isolating and containing contaminants. Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic performs extremely well in heavy duty diesel engines even in extreme temperatures meeting and exceeding industry performance standards. The blend T5 does NOT say JASO MA on the bottle. 8L 2018 Chevy Duramax calls for an oil with GM Dexos2 rating 5W 30. No complaints. Staring on cold mornings the engine just does not care. Rotella T6 Synthetic Gasoline turbos run hotter than diesel turbos. Rotella T still contains 1 200 parts per million ZDDP according to Shell which is as much as five times the amount found in other oils. Truth is almost any quality oil will work if changed regularly. It came with full synthetic oil in it so I have decided to keep using full syn. 7. Email address. can use 5W 40 oil with any of those ratings then Rotella T6 should be usable in it. In the winter I switch to Rotella T6 5w40 because the HUEI injection seems to quot like quot the lighter oil. I used Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel on my last truck. 31. A couple yrs ago i sent a sample of new fresh rotella std dino 15w 40 to blackstone labs for testing for an oil project i was working on which came back showing it had Mar 26 2011 Hi. 7 in. My oil expert says that diesel oils have a little more zinc in their chemistry which is great for turbo bearings. Developed in close cooperation with leading engine and vehicle makers it not only offers possible fuel economy benefits but also the durability and performance demands of the latest low emission Shell Rotella T6 15W 40 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil is designed and formulated to provide improved performance compared to conventional and semi synthetic Rotella 15W 40 products. Is this a good oil for atv 39 s or should I get another brand. I now have 4 5 changes in each Valk with Rotella T6. 6 13. with a good 5w40 oil may have still run a while. 119. It stay 39 s clean and works well in bikes cars tractors generators and heavy equipment. I run Mobil 1 5w 40 in the old ram though I may change that one to T6 this year when I change it 39 s oil. The Rotella has basically the same viscosity cold and hot as the Mobil 1 racing 4t available at AutoZone for 10 per quart Note higher number thicker. Attributes amp Specifications. Jun 06 2017 So this came up on my other waterski forum. 79 a bottle and it only comes in single bottles. 1 gal T6 and 1 2 qt of rotella T triple protection 15w40. Shell maintains that certification because of the large motorcycle customer base for the oil. Dec 14 2011 After a long break from Rotella I too am switching back. I 39 ve seen the engine temp close to 230 a few times. May 14 2012 I plan on using Shell Rotella T6 after my warranty is over. For comparison Valvoline Racing street oil that is supposed to be higher zinc only has about 1000ppm. Spring summer fall I use regular Rotella 15 40 and in the winter I use T6 5 40 for no other reason than its thinner for the cold climate I am not looking to change oil every 9 million miles so I am good with conventional oil Moto2n Oil Changes Motorcycle Vs Rotella T4 T6 5w 40 synthetic sel oil s rotella t6 full rotella t6 15w 40 is jaso ma2 rated bob the oil guy best motorcycle oil and gas s rotella t 6 5w 40 review which rotella to get general discussion thumpertalk. been using a 5 40 the last few oil changes. Menu. Shell Rotella T6 15W 40 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil is designed and formulated to deliver improved wear protection increased protection against oxidation enhanced deposit control cleanliness better low temperature flow and excellent corrosion control. Same specs different package. 09. Started using this Shell Rotella T6 oil instead of Mobil1 when I noticed that I was losing more oil between oil changes. I will say this last oil changed i just drained. I saw some of the oil ology postings but wanted to make sure and double check. It is suitable for virtually all modern low emission heavy duty engines and older hard working diesel engines. Rotella T6 RevX No Kitty There are now 1 000 000 000 000 threads about oil that all answer these types of questions but I will answer it. I did get the tick when I ran Delo 400 15W40 for one oil change. It can 39 t be good nbsp Comparison of Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck 5W 40 vs Shell Rotella T6 Motor Oils. BITOG has lots of writeups on it. We are talking about Rotella T6 5W40 here. Older engines seem to use less oil and run a little quieter with the 15w40. Use Rotella with Confidence There is a lot to know about motor oils these days and a lot that is held in strict secrecy by the manufacturers. Aug 23 2016 Shell Rotella T6 5W 40 42 C AMSOIL Premium 5W 40 46 C 8. These oil came with excellent wear characteristic but the price at that time was pretty crazy for an oil change so I just poured Rotella T6 in. It 39 s an excellent oil. Won 39 t be going back and can 39 t foresee going to any other oil. synthetic depends on how hard they use their equipment. We all know that this viscosity drops due to shearing so a 15 won 39 t stay a 15 for very long. Rotella T6 Good Mobil 1 tends to break down very quickly and the 30 weight quickly drops and continues to drop. LOL Good Luck and Ride Safe. This product is designed to provide highly responsive protection that continuously adapts to your driving conditions. Motor Oil Rotella T6 Motor Oil. Save Share Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W 40 Diesel Engine Oil 1 Gallon Single Pack New Packaging Size 1 Gallon Product Description Shell Rotella T6 5W 40 Diesel Engine Oil is a full synthetic motor oil that features exclusive Triple Protection Plus technology formulated with fully synthetic base oils plus advanced additives to protect against wear deposits and oil breakdown PLUS better low Saw somewhere that people say good things about Shell Rotella T6. Even when there 39 s no rebate going on it 39 s still only about 22. Bike now has 55 000 miles and shortly after the oil change I noticed the clutch slipping at times. It 39 s all good. I use synthetic Rotella T6 because it is available everywhere and it works as evidenced from testimonials on this board. Talking about oil is like talking about who makes the best cruiser. Avoid contact with skin. As far as oil filters go the K amp N KN160 is the correct filter for the wethead bikes as is the Hiflofiltro HF 160 and HF 160RC Racing These filters can be found on Amazon and Ebay for in the 10 range. Mar 12 2018 quot Hi _____ thanks for your question. This is mostly due to how your Powerstroke engine functions. Also regarding the RT6 JASO rating MA seems to mean that no friction modifiers have been added. By the way both Rotella 15W40 and Rotella T6 5W40 are suitable for both gasoline and Diesel engines alike. This was different than the prior T6 gallon jug. Compared to conventional SAE 15W 40 engine oil Helps minimize control oil consumption Feb 20 2011 You were using Rotella 15W40. The fatter oils were very thick. Apparently it has the right additives package for a high performing engine. Shell Rotella T6 5W40 Synthetic Oil. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil 5W 40 1 Gallon Pack of 3 at Amazon. 5 . The oil debate will never end and we will never know the best answer. Another vote for the T6 Rotella. The T6 is an excellent synthetic period. Rotella T6 5W 40 is not formulated certified to meet this spec nor the viscosity. We have reason to believe the lower weight spec oil is not doing the any favors to the bearing life on this engine. Ive Been through several oil classes and test and don 39 t know if I 39 d benefit from the t6 enough to justify. I also found some locals that ran it in their cruisers. 8 cst 100 degrees C Shell ROTELLA T6 Synthetic oil resists viscosity loss through shear and will maintain optimal oil pressure in the engine. Just because it is good for a turbo diesel doesn 39 t mean that it 39 s great for us. 15W 40 works Yes I agree that Rotella T6 is a very good oil. No need to give the dealership an excuse. They recommended it to us one day when we ran short on oil for a 458 GT3. While I was at the dealer buying the oil filer air and cabin filters I asked about the rotella oil T6. Shipping is free w Prime or on orders of 25 or more. There 39 s a good chance you can just run that oil in your engine with no ill effects although some people with liter bikes have told me that they experience a different feel in the shifter. They are immaterial the numbers are essentially the same. 2 c ST The virgin oil viscosity of the Motorcraft and the Delo 1300 15W40 39 s at 100 C are 15 cSt. We have been running Shell Rotella T6 5W 40 in both our test trucks for over 30 000 miles now and the oil analysis is coming back very good. is rotella t6 good oil